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Losing ground: How are India’s conservation efforts putting the local communities in peril?

A thematic map on conservation conflicts in protected areas in India reveals how the strict wildlife policies have undermined the rights of indigenous & local communities. It has been developed by the EJAtlas team in collaboration with Kalpavriksh, India.

Conflictos y daños en los proyectos de Pan American Silver en América Latina / Conflict and Harm at Pan American Silver´s Projects in Latin America

Este mapa revela los daños provocados por ocho proyectos mineros de la empresa Pan American Silver, desde México hasta Argentina / This map illustrates harms associated with eight mining projects, from Mexico to Argentina owned by Pan American Silver
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Tigyit coal mine and power plant, Shan State, Myanmar

Burma’s first coal power plant and mine were closed in 2014 following successful mobilizations by residents. The reopening of the power station has renewed the protests against the dirty energy provider.

Minera Invierno de carbón en Isla Riesco, Chile

One coal mining project in Chile against which there was environmental opposition by conservationist groups. Finally discarded in 2019 through the courts. An environmental success.

Presa La Boquilla: conflicto transfronterizo y local por el agua en Chihuahua, Mexico

Deadly repression against farmers complaining to CONAGUA about water transfer towards the USA in fulfilement of the 1944 International Waters Treaty between Mexico and the USA.

Mount Dioxin at Pensacola, FL, USA

This neighborhood in Pensacola was affected by the negative consequences of a toxic waste site being left there. The EPA has been working for over 15 years remediating this issue since health impacts have been felt by residents.

Lower Churchill Falls Project Phase 1 (Muskrat Falls) in Labrador, Canada

Local Inuit people resisted the flooding by the 834 MW dam arguing it will contaminate the area with methylmercury. The company continued with the project and flooded the 41-sq-km reservoir.

Nuclear Weapons Test Site, Novaya Zemlya, Arctic Russia

Novaya Zemlya was designated a nuclear weapons test site. Nenets Indigenous were forcibly resettled. Over the course of 40 years, 132 nuclear explosions took place the area.

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