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Conflictos y daños en los proyectos de Pan American Silver en América Latina / Conflict and Harm at Pan American Silver´s Projects in Latin America

Este mapa revela los daños provocados por ocho proyectos mineros de la empresa Pan American Silver, desde México hasta Argentina / This map illustrates harms associated with eight mining projects, from Mexico to Argentina owned by Pan American Silver

Waste pickers under threat. New waste management policies undermine the informal recycling sector in the Global South

On the occasion of the Global Waste Picker Day, the Barcelona Research Group on Informal Recyclers - in collaboration with EnvJustice , the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers and WIEGO - releases a thematic map of so cio-environmental conflicts
Recently Updated Conflicts

Waste collection dispute in Bamako, Mali

In 2015, Bamako abandoned its decentralized, socially-inclusive waste collection model and subordinated neighborhood-based sanitation groups to the private waste operator Ozone. Since then problems have further aggravated and citizens continue to protest.

Vizhinjam International Deepwater Multi-purpose Port, Kerala, India

Project awarded to Adani Ports & SEZ, meant to achieve development, economic benefits and job creation in Kerala. Expected bad consequences on the valuable fragile local ecosystems, coastal livelihoods including fishing and tourism.

Mar Menor environmental conflict, Spain

The “Mar Menor” is an inland lagoon situated in Campo de Cartagena in the region of Murcia. It is subject to very heavy pressure from turistification and public works, and the discharge of wastewater from irrigation.

Noonu Maafaru Airport Expansion Project, Maldives

The Maldives EPA decision to halt a planned expansion of an already controversial airport that would cause immense and irreversible damages to the local environment and community was overturned by the Environment Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan.

Proyecto inmobiliario 'Maratué', Valparaíso, Chile

Proyecto inmobiliario Maratué en Puchuncaví amenaza con la destrucción del último pulmón verde de la zona. Destrucción de bosque nativo, afectación a fauna endémica y a los modos de vida de las poblaciones locales son algunos de sus impactos.

Uncontrolled dumping and the organizing of women waste pickers, Cotonou, Benin

Over the past two decades, a women's association has improved the recognition of the 'Gohotos' - Cotonou's well-known informal bottle recyclers. The city however continues to suffer from waste mismanagement, causing deathly explosions and lake pollution.

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