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Conflictos y daños en los proyectos de Pan American Silver en América Latina / Conflict and Harm at Pan American Silver´s Projects in Latin America

Este mapa revela los daños provocados por ocho proyectos mineros de la empresa Pan American Silver, desde México hasta Argentina / This map illustrates harms associated with eight mining projects, from Mexico to Argentina owned by Pan American Silver

Waste pickers under threat. New waste management policies undermine the informal recycling sector in the Global South

On the occasion of the Global Waste Picker Day, the Barcelona Research Group on Informal Recyclers - in collaboration with EnvJustice , the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers and WIEGO - releases a thematic map of so cio-environmental conflicts
Conflictos recientemente actualizados

Textile industries and pollution in Tehuacan, Mexico

Textile industries's water pollution in Tehuacan, also known as the international capital of Blue Jeans is threatening local livelihoods in Puebla, Mexico.

Fishmeal factory emissions in Hout Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

For years, bad odours plagued some residents and businesses while other, poorer people, wanted to keep the factory running for the sake of jobs. The factory eventually closed down in 2019.

Zama zama gold mining in Durban Deep, Gauteng, South Africa

Zama zamas or informal miners operate in former mining site Durban Deep at great risk to their lives owing to lack of safety precautions and criminal, police, and other violence.

Zama zama diamond mining in Kimberley, South Africa

To combat violence and environmental degradation from mining companies and criminal syndicates, zama zama artisanal miners received mining permits for their own fair-trade practice with Michelle Goliath and Elisa Louw's assistance.

Granadilla Port in Tenerife, Spain

The Port proposal remained in the background of public policy till 2009. Its revival led to a series of uprisings unprecedented in the Canary Islands against destruction and commodification of nature.

Proyecto Pachuca y jales mineros tóxicos en Epazoyucan, Hidalgo, México

La comunidad de Epazoyucan se opone al Proyecto Pachuca (empresa AHMSA) que consiste en el traslado de los jales mineros de la ciudad de Pachuca para depositarlos al lado de su comunidad amenazando gravemente el medio ambiente y la salud de la población.

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