Alamos gold mining company in Miacatlan/Xochicalco, Morelos, Mexico

The Canadian firm Alamos Gold would allegedly mine in an archeological area. Neighbours also complain about cyanide risk to water. New Mexican president, AMLO, should declare all new mining concessions void.


Durante varios años ha habido una lucha en Miacatlan, Morelos contra la empresa canadiense Alamos Gold (que también explota oro en Sonora, en Turquía etc). 

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Basic Data
NameAlamos gold mining company in Miacatlan/Xochicalco, Morelos, Mexico
Accuracy of LocationMEDIUM regional level
Source of Conflict
Type of Conflict (1st level)Mineral Ores and Building Materials Extraction
Type of Conflict (2nd level)Mineral ore exploration
Specific CommoditiesGold
Project Details and Actors
Project Details"The Esperanza Gold Project (“Esperanza”) is a development stage asset located in south-central Mexico in the state of Morelos, approximately 110 kilometres ("km") south of Mexico City and 70km north of the multi-mine Guerrero Gold Belt. The project was acquired by Alamos as part of the acquisition of Esperanza Resources in August 2013.

A positive preliminary economic study (“PEA”) was completed on the Esperanza Gold Project (formerly “Cerro Jumil”) in September 2011 which contemplated an open pit, heap leach operation expected to produce over 100,000 ounces of gold annually at cash operating costs1 below $500/oz over an initial 6 year mine life. The Company is working on compiling the requirements for the submission of the project's Environmental Impact Assessment.

Through its Mulatos Mine, Alamos has extensive permitting, development and operating experience in Mexico along with an excellent environmental and social track record. The company looks forward to continuing this success at Esperanza".(4)
Level of Investment (in USD)50,000,000
Type of PopulationRural
Start Date2013
Company Names or State EnterprisesAlamos Gold from Canada
Relevant government actorsGovernor of Morelos

Environmental justice organisations and other supportersREMA - Red Mexicana de Afectados por la Minería

Movimiento Morelense contra las Concesiones de Minería a Tajo Abierto de Metales

Asamblea de Pueblos de Morelos
The Conflict and the Mobilization
Intensity of Conflict (at highest level)MEDIUM (street protests, visible mobilization)
When did the mobilization beginPREVENTIVE resistance (precautionary phase)
Groups MobilizingFarmers
Local ejos
Local scientists/professionals
Forms of MobilizationArtistic and creative actions (eg guerilla theatre, murals)
Creation of alternative reports/knowledge
Development of a network/collective action
Involvement of national and international NGOs
Media based activism/alternative media
Objections to the EIA
Official complaint letters and petitions
Public campaigns
Street protest/marches
Appeal to defence of Xochicalco, an archeologically valuable zone. (Esta ruina arqueológica alcanzó su máximo esplendor a raíz del debilitamiento de Teotihuacán. Se considera cuna del culto del dios Quetzalcóatl).
Environmental ImpactsPotential: Air pollution, Biodiversity loss (wildlife, agro-diversity), Food insecurity (crop damage), Loss of landscape/aesthetic degradation, Noise pollution, Soil contamination, Soil erosion, Waste overflow, Deforestation and loss of vegetation cover, Groundwater pollution or depletion, Mine tailing spills
Health ImpactsPotential: Occupational disease and accidents, Other environmental related diseases
Socio-economic ImpactsPotential: Displacement, Violations of human rights, Land dispossession, Loss of landscape/sense of place, Other socio-economic impacts
OtherPotential damage to archeological zone of Xochicalco (5).
Project StatusProposed (exploration phase)
Pathways for conflict outcome / responseBy 2019, it seems that the project might be cancelled..
Development of AlternativesRubicela Morelos Cruz,La Jornada. 31 de julio de 2016. Miacatlán, Mor.(3).

En el Encuentro mexicano de resistencias contra el modelo extractivo: nuestros territorios libres de minería y otros megaproyectos, efectuado en este municipio, se exigió a los gobiernos federal y estatal cancelar siete concesiones entregadas a la empresa Alamos Gold, al sur poniente de Morelos, porque afectarán el ambiente y recursos naturales, además de la zona arqueológica de Xochicalco.

La reunión organizada por el Movimiento Morelense Contra las Concesiones de Minería a Tajo Abierto por Metales y la Red Mexicana de Afectados por la Minería (Rema), realizada en la iglesia de Santo Tomás de Miacatlán, los días 28, 29 y 30 de julio, concluyó con una marcha en la cabecera municipal y terminó dos horas después. Ante unas 250 personas, entre afectados y representantes de 18 estados se leyó la declaratoria en la que demandan cancelar de inmediato de todas las concesiones mineras. En la reunión acordaron unir sus luchas de resistencia contra megaproyectos como el del Proyecto Integral Morelos y el de la zona arqueológica de Xochicalco, porque abarca la pirámide de Quetzalcóatl,
Do you consider this as a success?Not Sure
Why? Explain briefly.There is chance that the mining concession might be withdrawn because of local protests and possibly a change in mining policy by President Andres Lopez Obrador after 2019.
Sources and Materials

(2) Rubicela Morelos Cruz. Corresponsal. La Jornada Lunes 23 de julio de 2018, p. 30. Cuernavaca, Mor.

(3) Rubicela Morelos Cruz, La Jornada, 31 julio 2016

(4) "Esperanza is an open-pit, heap leach gold project located in Morelos, Mexico. Typical of our growth assets, Esperanza is a low capital intensity, low cost, and low technical risk project."
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Justino Miranda, julio 2016, La Grieta
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(1) La Grieta. , 01 Agosto 2016. Con una marcha, concluyó el encuentro de territorios libres de minería en Miacatlán

Escrito por Nora Celia Domínguez
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(5) 23 DE JULIO DE 2018. El Sol de Cuernavaca. Xochicalco, en riesgo por actividad minera. La zona arqueológica, considerada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, presenta fracturas a causa del uso de explosivos
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Gran documental de 45 minutos sobre mineria a cielo abierto en distintos lugares del mundo, incluye protestas en Xochicalco, Miacatlan en Morelos, Mexico. INAH Morelos. Patrimonio biocultural y megamineria tóxica.
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Source: El Sol de Cuernavaca
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