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Xiangguang Copper Co., LTD., Yanggu, Shandong, China

A writer disclosed water pollution by Xiangguang Copper in Yanggu, Shandong Province and recalled the conflictive history of the local residents with the company. However all this was denied by the company and the government.


On May 8, 2018, a famous writer of Shandong province named Wang Xingchuan posted an article on the Internet, exposing the groundwater pollution in Shifo Town, Yanggu County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province.[1]

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Basic Data
Name of conflict:Xiangguang Copper Co., LTD., Yanggu, Shandong, China
State or province:Shandong
Location of conflict:Shifo Township (e.g. Fangzhuang Village) and Dingshui Township (e.g. Cuixi Village), Yanggu County, Liaocheng City
Accuracy of locationMEDIUM (Regional level)
Source of Conflict
Type of conflict. 1st level:Industrial and Utilities conflicts
Type of conflict. 2nd level:Mineral processing
Water treatment and access to sanitation (access to sewage)
Metal refineries
Specific commodities:Copper
Project Details and Actors
Project details

Xiangguang Copper can produce 450,000 tons of copper cathode magnets/years, 150,000 tons of regenerated cathode copper/years and 320,000 tons of copper deep processing products/years. [10]

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Project area:200
Level of Investment:unknown
Type of populationRural
Affected Population:63,000
Start of the conflict:2003
Company names or state enterprises:GMK Holdings from China - parent company of Xiangguang Copper
Xiangguang Copper Co., LTD. from China - suspect polluter
Relevant government actors:-National Development and Reform Commission of China
-Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China (MEE)
-Environmental Protection Bureau of Shandong Province
-Liaocheng Municipal Government
-Environmental Protection Bureau of Liaocheng City
-Yanggu County Government
-Environmental Protection Bureau of Yanggu County
Environmental justice organizations (and other supporters) and their websites, if available:-Wang Xingchuan, a writer from Shandong
Conflict & Mobilization
IntensityHIGH (widespread, mass mobilization, violence, arrests, etc...)
Reaction stageIn REACTION to the implementation (during construction or operation)
Groups mobilizing:Farmers
Local celebrity: a writer
Forms of mobilization:Blockades
Community-based participative research (popular epidemiology studies, etc..)
Development of a network/collective action
Media based activism/alternative media
Official complaint letters and petitions
Property damage/arson
Environmental ImpactsVisible: Food insecurity (crop damage), Soil contamination, Waste overflow, Surface water pollution / Decreasing water (physico-chemical, biological) quality, Groundwater pollution or depletion, Soil erosion
Potential: Reduced ecological / hydrological connectivity
Health ImpactsVisible: Deaths, Other Health impacts
Potential: Occupational disease and accidents
Other Health impactsHigh incidences of cancer and leukemia
Socio-economical ImpactsVisible: Loss of livelihood, Land dispossession, Other socio-economic impacts
Potential: Lack of work security, labour absenteeism, firings, unemployment, Loss of traditional knowledge/practices/cultures, Increase in Corruption/Co-optation of different actors
Other socio-economic impactsLocal villagers have to migrate out, and they have to spend more on water access, etc.
Project StatusIn operation
Conflict outcome / response:Migration/displacement
Violent targeting of activists
The local villagers gradually began to move out because the pollution was not solved.
Do you consider this an environmental justice success? Was environmental justice served?:No
Briefly explain:Groundwater pollution in Shifo Town is very serious, endangering the health and food safety of local villagers. But officias have always insisted that groundwater is not contaminated. For more than a decade, the problems have not been solved.
Sources & Materials
Links to general newspaper articles, blogs or other websites

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[3]谁该为13辆警车被毁“埋单”? ——对山东省聊城市(acessed on 7-30-2019)
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[6]重金属的污染——地方领导留言板(acessed on 7-30-2019)
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[4]谁来拯救我们?——天涯论坛(accessed on 8-6-2019)
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Last update10/08/2019
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