Companies from Netherlands


Environmental Conflicts of Companies from Netherlands

Phosphate mining in Matam, Ndiendouri-Ouali Diala deposits, SOMIVA (SERPM), Senegal (Afcor Limited)

Philex's Padcal mine, the biggest mining disaster of the Philippines (Asia Link B. V.)

Fisherfolk against reclamations in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia (Royal Haskoning DHV, Witeven + Bos , Boskalis International)

FACE Project: Rehabilitation of Mt. Elgon and Kibale National Park, Uganda (Dutch Electricity Generating Board)

Resistance against Rotterdam and Amsterdam fossil fuel ports, the Netherlands (NUON, Vitol, OBA bulk terminal, Rietlanden Terminals , Port of Amsterdam, EMO bv, Port of Rotterdam)

Groningen Gas, Netherlands (Energie Beheer Nederland, Royal Dutch Shell)

FACE pine plantation, Profafor , Ecuador (Forest Absorbing Carbon Dioxide Emissiones)

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, Kenya (Kemperman Paardekooper & Partners Africa)

Lake Turkana Project in Indigenous Territories, Kenya (KP&P Africa B.V)

Enstedsværket in Aabenraa, Denmark (NUON)

Lignite mining and the Ende Gelände movement, Germany (NUON)

Lignite mining Cottbus Nord (Lakoma), Germany (NUON)

Lignite mining Jaenschwalde-Nord (Kerkwitz, Grabko, Atterwasch), Germany (NUON)

Lignite mining Jänschwalde (Horno), Germany (NUON)

Lignite mining Nochten II, Germany (NUON)

Lignite mining Welzow-Sued II (Welzow, Proschim), Germany (NUON)

Remunicipalisation Energy Hamburg, Germany (NUON)

Vindelälven hydel project, Sweden (NUON)

Center Parcs dans la foret de Chambaran, Roybon, France (Pierre & Vacances)

Abadoned Shell pipeline Spills crude in K-Dere Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Alberta Tar Sands, Canada (Royal Dutch Shell)

Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (Royal Dutch Shell)

Chevron and Shell Ravage Escravos, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Corib Gas in Rossport, Ireland (Royal Dutch Shell)

DBCP class action suit, Ecuador (Royal Dutch Shell)

Desaguadero oil spill - Transredes S. A., Bolivia (Royal Dutch Shell)

Extracción de gas por Repsol YPF en Campo Margarita, Tarija, Bolivia (Royal Dutch Shell)

Fracking opposition, Tunisia (Royal Dutch Shell)

Gas exploitation in the Urubamba valley Camisea, Peru (Royal Dutch Shell)

Goi Case against Shell, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Hydraulic fracking, Egypt (Royal Dutch Shell)

Hydraulic fracking in the Karoo, South Africa (Royal Dutch Shell)

Ikot Ado Udo Case, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Kashagan Oil Field, Kazakhstan (Royal Dutch Shell)

Koroama Women stage protest alleging neglect by Shell, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Kwale-Okpai CDM Project, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Mangrove forest destroyed by Shell in the Niger Delta, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Mozambique Gas Development Project, villagers dispossessed for off shore drilling, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique (Royal Dutch Shell)

Multinational Oil Companies on the Niger Delta, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Multiple Spills in Biseni, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

North Stream 2 (Severny Potok) Natural Gas Pipeline at Kurgalsky Reserve, Russia (Royal Dutch Shell)

Oil extraction forces Ogoni to consume benzene water for survival, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Oil giants Shell and Chevron Canalization polluted Tsekelewu Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Oil Spill at Ikarama Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Oil Spill at Ojobo Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Opposition to oil&gas exploitation, New Zealand (Royal Dutch Shell)

River Ethiope Polluted by massive oil spill, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Ruptured Pipeline Spews Crude Oil, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Sakhalin-1 and -2 oil and gas development projects, Russia (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Bonga Oil Spill, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Brazil & BASF pesticide plant, Brazil (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell contractors fingered in Bodo community oil theft/explosion, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell ignites new gas flare at Gbarantoru, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Neglects Court Orders in Umuorie Isimiri Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell oil exploration and extraction, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Oil Spill at Nembe Creeks, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell oil spills affecting the Joinkrama 4 community (JK4), Taylor Creek, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell petrochemical plant and Pollution in Norco, USA (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell plantation, Thailand (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Pollutes Owerewer Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell refuses to clean up spill at Ikata community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell, Rumuekpe Clan Soaked in Crude Oil, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell's Adibawa delivery Pipeline pollutes Ikarama Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell's Batan delivery line spill, pollution and harassment of the locals, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell's environmental racism against the Ogbodo-Isiokpo community, after a pipeline's explosion and spill, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell's gas flaring furnance in Opolo-Epie, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Shale Gas Project, Skåne, Sweden (Shell Exploration Company B.V., Royal Dutch Shell)

Shells Operations contaminate Okorogbene Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell spill and pollution in the Bunu-Tai community, Ogoni land, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Spill in Otuasega Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell Spills Bodo Community, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell’s toxic legacy, Curaçao (Royal Dutch Shell)

Unistoten Camp, BC, Canada (Royal Dutch Shell)

Uzere Community Protest against Shell, Nigeria (Royal Dutch Shell)

Yasuni National Park - ITT oil extraction, Ecuador (Royal Dutch Shell)

Eko Atlantic city, Lagos, Nigeria (Royal Haskoning)

Atlântico Sul Shipyard, Pernambuco, Brazil (Royal Van Oord)

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport MIHAN Project, MH, India (SPAN Consultants)

Dirty and dangerous shipbreaking in Chittagong, Bangladesh (Vroon BV, Spliethoff)

Callao, lead pollution, Peru (Trafigura)

Didipio Gold and Copper mine, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines (Trafigura)

Toxic waste dumping in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Trafigura)

Palm oil plantations in Lokutu, Yaligimba, and Boteka, Agro-Colonialism by Feronia Inc., RDC (Unilever)

Sime Darby Plantation land conflict, Liberia (Unilever)

Unilever refused responsability for Kodaikanal mercury poisoning, India (Unilever)

Complexo Industrial Portuário Governador Eraldo Gueiros (Cips), Pernambuco, Brazil (Van Oord)

Palm Islands (Palm Jumeira), United Arab Emirates (Van Oord)

Water Privatization, Ghana (Vitens)